XEN-Augmented Baerveldt vs Ahmed Glaucoma Valve


Portuguese researchers conducted a single-center study of 12 consecutive patients with glaucoma who underwent Baerveldt-XEN implantation and who were compared to 12 patients who underwent implantation of an Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV). Twelve months after implantation, IOP with the Baerveldt-XEN implantation decreased from a mean of 33 mmHg to 14 mmHg. With the AGV, the IOP decreased from 29 mmHg to 16 mmHg. The Baerveldt-XEN implant had a complete success rate of 25% and a qualified success rate of 50%. The AGV had a 58.3% complete success rate and a 33.3% qualified success rate.

At 12 months of follow-up, the Baerveldt-XEN had a lower complete success rate but no major safety concerns, and it appears less likely to achieve efficacy without use of medications. Researchers said studies with longer follow-up periods may demonstrate the potential advantages and disadvantages of the Baerveldt-XEN glaucoma implant. They asserted that negative study outcomes can be just as valuable as positive results. The study was reported in a recent issue of Acta Ophthalmologica.