Hydrus Registry Results Presented

■ Jeffrey Whitman, MD, recently presented 3-year data from the SPECTRUM registry, a global initiative to compile outcomes data for the Hydrus microstent (Ivantis) from 17 countries and more than 50 centers around the world, excluding the United States.

Dr. Whitman explained that the SPECTRUM registry encompasses over 2,700 cases of “all comers” and is thus a “real-world” reflection of Hydrus outcomes with all types of glaucoma, with all levels of disease severity, and in both combination and standalone procedures. The average visual field for patients in the registry was -7.2±9.1 db.

The results for patients treated in conjunction with cataract surgery were presented. Almost all patients saw a 20% reduction in IOP with consistent elimination of at least 1 medication over the course of follow-up. More than 58% of patients were medication free for the first year, with 43% of eyes remaining medication free at 3 years. Three-year data showed that 92% of eyes had an IOP of less than 21 mmHg, and IOP was less than 18 mmHg in 79% of eyes reported to the registry.