From the Editor: The Glaucoma Toolbox

An increasing number of tools are available.

Although we try to present an optimistic and positive approach to the treatment of glaucoma in the pages of Glaucoma Physician, the fact remains that glaucoma can be a devastating disease, and it is nothing if not a worthy adversary for those of us who treat it. For this reason, we need every tool in the toolbox to stave off this disease.

In this issue of Glaucoma Physician, we look into attacking glaucoma from every imaginable angle. We start at the beginning, by looking at early glaucoma diagnosis. We focus on visualizing the outflow of aqueous humor with cutting-edge technology — the physiologic pathway. And along with the outflow pathway, we explore the Hydrus microstent, one of our newest MIGS surgical options. In an article that demonstrates that innovation can occur even with our most fundamental therapies, we look at the ideal eye drop size for glaucoma.

However, even with all of the best tools in the toolbox, sometimes what we need for our patients are just the right words to keep them going. We touch base with our experts on what phrases or sentiments help them communicate with their patients. We hope you enjoy learning about the myriad topics in this issue, and hope you will find a few new tools for your glaucoma toolbox. GP

On the cover: Segmental aqueous humor outflow on the nasal aspect of the right eye of a 66-year-old female. Image courtesy of Alex S. Huang, MD, PhD