Eyenovia Microdose Delivers Glaucoma Drugs on Target

■ Eyenovia said the full results of its phase 2 PG21 study demonstrate the effect of Eyenovia microdose on IOP lowering, the main treatment paradigm for conditions such as glaucoma. In the study, subjects successfully self-administered high-precision microdose latanoprost 88% of the time after limited training. Eyenovia says this is a significant improvement over the standard of care eye drop, which patients successfully deliver less than 50% of the time, as demonstrated by multiple peer-review studies. Additionally, a single microdose, which uses 75% less drug and preservative than a standard eye drop, achieved 29% IOP lowering from baseline, consistent with the 26% effect seen in other studies of conventional eye drop Latanoprost. The results were published in Clinical Ophthalmology.