Rhopressa Effective in “Real-World” Study


■ Researchers at Wills Eye Hospital conducted a retrospective “real world” chart review of 172 eyes of 108 glaucoma patients who received Rhopressa (netarsudil 0.02%; Aerie Pharmaceuticals) in 2018. The researchers compared IOP and BCVA between baseline readings and follow-ups at months 1 and 3.

Compared to baseline, a mean decrease in IOP of 3.67 mmHg was noted at month 1 and a mean decrease of 3.91 mmHg was noted at month 3. No statistically significant difference in IOP changes between patients on 3 or more and fewer than 3 glaucoma medications at month 1 was found. There was no change in BCVA at either follow-up compared to baseline.

Conjunctival hyperemia was the most common side effect (15.7% at month 1 and 23.0% at month 3). Blurred vision was reported (5.8% of patients at month 1 and 8.0% at month 3), but no statistically significant difference in BCVA was evident in those patients. The researchers, who presented their findings at the recent ARVO meeting, concluded that netarsudil produced significantly lower IOP in glaucoma patients, with noteworthy lowering of IOP observed in patients on 3 or more medications.