MST Acquires Trabectome Glaucoma Surgery Platform

■ In a deal with NeoMedix Corporation, Microsurgical Technology (MST) has added the Trabectome and Goniotome glaucoma platforms to its product portfolio. Trabectome uses electrosurgical ablation to assist in edge-to-edge removal of the trabecular meshwork to promote sustainable IOP reduction.

Backed by more than 7 years of data, clinical studies show that a significant majority of patients who had Trabectome surgery experienced a sustained IOP reduction to ≤21 mmHg, a 20% improvement from the IOP baseline, with no additional glaucoma surgery, according to the company. Another proven benefit of Trabectome is significant reduction in glaucoma medications, resulting in simplifying patient compliance.

MST is also acquiring Goniotome and Goniotome I/A, 2 additional innovative solutions for goniotomy. Goniotome offers a solution for complete excision of trabecular meshwork. It features serrated blades that are precision engineered using femtosecond laser technology. The trapezoidal configuration enables complete edge-to-edge removal of diseased trabecular meshwork to provide lasting exposure of collector channels. The Goniotome I/A has an irrigation and aspiration feature that MST says maintains a deep, stable, and clear anterior chamber while improving angle visualization. The Trabectome and Goniotome platforms are indicated for management of pediatric or adult glaucoma, such as open-angle or narrow-angle glaucoma, primary or secondary glaucoma, and pseudoexfoliative or nonpseudoexfoliative glaucoma.

“Trabectome, Goniotome, and Goniotome I/A are important additions to our innovative and differentiated product solutions portfolio that enable us to better serve our expanding physician customers,” Ramin Mojdeh, president of MST, said in a news release. “These products provide MST with a solid entry into the MIGS space while we continue to advance our offerings in complex cataract solutions.”