Nidek Launches New Type of Gonioscope

■ Nidek has announced the launch of the GS-1 Gonioscope. The company says the GS-1 is the first automated gonioscopy device enabling 360-degree color iridocorneal angle imaging allowing more clinicians to reliably perform gonioscopy in daily practice. By increasing the number of clinicians who will perform gonioscopy with the GS-1, pathology may be detected in a timely fashion and postoperative follow-up could be performed by referring physicians.

The GS-1 was developed to capture the entire 360 degrees of the angle using a unique 16-surface multimirrored prism lens. Optimization of this lens combined with projection of a white LED into the angle simulates indirect static gonioscopy. Automated angle detection provides guidance for capturing the iridocorneal angle. For patient comfort, this system uses gel coupling. Once correctly aligned, the autoshot initiates imaging of the angle structures. Each area is automatically captured in 17 different foci, enabling versatile approaches to the angle.

The acquired images can be automatically stitched together, and linear and circular montages of the entire 360 degrees are presented for examination. This innovative “stitching” function provides a view of the entire angle to support angle assessment and clinical findings.