FDA Clears IOP Measuring Device

■ Tucson-based CATS Tonometer LLC said the FDA has recently cleared its flagship product, the CATS Tonometer Prism, which the company says has potential to greatly enhance clinical care through a reduction in errors related to IOP measurements.

“Based on numerous scientific studies, the CATS Tonometer Prism increases IOP measurement accuracy by 94% as compared with the industry standard Goldmann Applanation Tonometer (GAT) prism for eyecare patients with nonstandard readings,” said Sean McCafferty, MD, FACS, CATS Tonometer CEO and president. “This advancement will significantly improve the diagnosis, treatment, and long-term outcomes for those with ocular disease like glaucoma.”

The company says the CATS replacement prism corrects for variables like central corneal thickness, corneal hysteresis, tear film, and corneal curvature into IOP measurement results. The advanced technology also incorporates a mire centration indicator and improved ergonomics for the patient’s and the clinician’s ease of use. The CATS prism is adoptable by simply replacing the GAT with the CATS prism and will be available in Spring 2019.